Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
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Wanna get into texture making but have some questions
I'm pretty into drawing and stuff, so I want to give textures a go, maybe make some head textures commisions and stuff like that.

However, I have some questions that I couldn't find the answer for.

I just want to chat with someone who's already into texture making so I could ask some questions ;_;

Oh man people are giving you the cold shoulder. I'm not really a good artist, but I made some fairly liked cartoon styled heads around 3 years ago when I played this game. I'm not really active now, but if you wanna message me on here some questions I could try and help you out. Just so you know I'm a mouse pleb, I don't use a tablet or anything for my stuff.

This is the kinda stuff I did back when I was active, so yea hit me with whatever questions you have and I'll try to help.
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I can offer help aswell been making textures for a while, message me if you want I could give you my discord if you have one
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