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ToriConquest '09
ToriConquest '09

The first annual Conquest competition


Okay, so long story short, I'm back, and I thought up a way to organise a tournament that's WAY different from all the competitions that are currently out here. This 'might' be an annual thing, meaning I want it to be, and if there is demand, it sure as hell will be.

The Pitch

You know how all these tournaments are just regular knockout tournaments, or stuff like that? Then you get the league and some other competitions with a bit more organisation? Well I'm taking this a step further.

Behold. The Conquest!

First off, there are spots for at most 60 players. These players will organise themselves in teams of 2 to 8 players. This doesn't mean a clan will necessarily have to have a clan team. A multi-clan team can be formed, or a NO-clan team can also be formed.

Upon signing up, each player will provide a form containing information about their character. This form will be made available when signups are open.

The basic premise is this. You are [your-name-here]. You've been entered into a tournament. This is life-or-death. You have a collar around your neck that will explode if you fail to follow the rules.

You and your team start in one of the squares on the map. Each week of real time will mark the passage of one day in-game. This means you have around 5 days of real time to decide amongst yourselves where you will move (you can move one square per in-game day) and post in the week's thread (you can stand in the same square for any amount of time, should you decide to). After each day I will sum up what has happened with a short story, and examine everything.

If you end up on the same square as another team in a day, you will have a fight. This will work like a tournament, refereed by one of the people helping me. The winner remains there, might receive some kind of prize if it's an exceptional fight, and the loser is gone from the game world for 2 in-game days (2 weeks), after which they spawn on a random empty tile.

If a team loses 2 battles in a row, they are disqualified.

This will all form Phase 1. In this phase you should try to eliminate as many teams as you can, form alliances if you will, and get everything ordered.

Phase 1 will last for a week in-game. That is 7 weeks of real time.

After this, Phase 2 will start. I won't spoil it, but believe me, it'll be fast paced, and probably filled with a lot of alliances being broken.

Right. So you're probably going. What the hell. 7 weeks? You should know this is a 21 week project at the very least. It's a competition that is going to take that long. True, you're not going to be actually fighting that often. Once a week, maybe once every two weeks at the most. The majority of the time will be spent on organising, planning, and me writing everything out with a storyline.

As such, this will probably not be a very tense competition, and will be pretty laid-back. Think of it as a strategy game.


Sign-ups will be opening approximately 2 weeks from now, however I'd appreciate it if people would start forming teams and PMing me stating their interest to participate. Sign-ups will last for 2 weeks, and will be free, however I will reserve the right to deny a team in order to make room for another.


Nothing has been settled on here as of yet, but the prizes will be fairly large. To be discussed further.


Feel free to use this thread to participate in meaningful discussion about this competition. As such, if you only intend to post 'good luck' or 'participating', please don't. You may ask questions here, offer suggestions, or offer assistance.


Since some people don't get it, I'll bold it. Post here if you're asking a question, offering suggestions, or assistance. Not for stuff like 'this is unique' or etc. Trying to keep this clutter-free.
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