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My crush just asked me to be her escort to her debut, and I feel like the happiest guy in the world right now

I've only been to a couple debuts, but is there anything I should know in advance?

Prepare for action.

That is all.
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.....and bring some protection in case something happens xD jk jk jk

grabe naman xD
Ryan will be remembered.
If anything happened, my lola would beat me to death with a sandal xD

hopefully it'll work out though
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.....then you begin to be friends, then best friends, then you become that one thing that brightens up her day, then she realizes that you are the perfect guy for her, then she falls in love with you, then, well, you put what's gonna happen next xD
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Wow jingles, you are a lucky man. Just don't screw up by something stupid. Good luck bro, and tell your Lola to use a sinturon, they work better hehe
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