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[GAME] LukePoints v2. =]
Hello GATA! Welcome to LukePoints – the biggest inside GATA event series! You will be able to participate a series of different events ran by our members!

Table of Contents:

1st Post: Introduction and Basic Information
2nd Post: Events
3rd Post: Luke ID Cards

Basic Information:
LukePoints Project has been introduced in order to make GATA more active etc. In LP you can participate in various competitions and then eventually get some LukePoints which are going to be added to their Luke ID Cards.

LukePoint – or LP is a reward point player obtains for participating in an event or doing something for GATA. For the beginning every player gets 10LP. When it comes to events points are given out like that: 100LP for 1st place, 50LP for 2nd place, 30LP for 3rd place and 10LP for any place below.

Luke ID Card – or LukeCard is something like an account in this game. Cards have been made to make everything look nicer and cleaner as well as give essential information about player playing LukePoints.
Luke ID Card conststs of:
Level Bar – it shows player level, its’ color is changed when player levels up.
Avatar Box – 130x130px avatar box, it’s required to post an avatar picture when player wants to make a LukeCard.
Name and LukePoints: I guess I don’t have to explain this one.

Events – LukePoints Events are being hosted regularly so players have opportunity to earn LukePoints. Now players have an opportunity to host a LukePoint Event. You just have to contact me via PM or at #GATA IRC channel saying what event you would like to post. Rewards are always the same (if you want you can add TC to rewards [donated by yourself]). When event ends you post me the results: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and every other participant.
Now for hosting LukePoints event you get 50LP.

LP Level List – some of you may be curious when they are going to level up. You can find a list below:
1 Level – 0-49 LukePoints
2 Level – 50-149 LukePoints
3 Level – 150-299 LukePoints
4 Level – 300-499 LukePoints
5 Level – 500-799 LukePoints
6 Level – 800 LukePoints
…more to be added…

Golden Luke ID Card – more info coming soon…
This is a list of LukePoints Events:


none :[


Banana Drawing Competition [link]
Host: Luke
1st Place: FoodEater
2nd Place: Gorman
3rd Place: Tapion
Other Participants: AHD, Ezeth, mooman1994

Draw an alien [link]
Host: Ezeth
1st Place: Artyst
2nd Place: Gorman
3rd Place: Daggardry
Other Participants: Pansowa, DarkJak, Tapion

Crazy Jaws Event
Host: Playaj
1st Place: Daggardry
2nd Place: Ezeth
3rd Place: CapitanLOL
Other Participants: TweakiN, mooman1994, Ishi, micho, Gorman, Tapion, SomeRandomKid

Pixel Out [link]
Host: micho
1st Place: shook
2nd Place: Gorman
3rd Place: Tapion
Other Participants: Daggardry, Skura, Alejandro

Photoediting [link]
Host: Luke
1st Place: KungFuJC
2nd Place: macshiz
3rd Place: AlphasoniK
Other Participants:
azir, TomPaine, skura

Other LukePoints given out:
10 Points to every user for start
10 Points to AHD for having the 1st Luke ID Card
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Oh, nah, that one is fine as well :B
Didn't know I was already competing ;)
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Yup it took much time but its out now
Host an event if you want!
For hosting you get! 50LP
Noice. (b'_')b
I was kinda worried that EPRD would look odd if shrunken, but he actually looks a lot smoother than before. Nice. This means that i don't have to get off my ass and make a new image. :U

Also, this 50 LP for hosting sounds interesting, i might actually host an event one of these days.
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