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No ghost mode
Something I think could add an interesting complexity to certain mods, a no ghost toggle.

I personally want it mainly for the opponent, but if we end up going that far, why not both. It'd make reading your opponent more of a factor than it already is, and the ghost could maybe be replaced with a runback of what your opponent just did, instead of what they're doing.

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Pressing b should toggle ghosts
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I mean, you can already do that by pressing 'b' 2x in-game. It turns off ghost and you can challenge yourself? I've never heard anyone ask for this to be added outside of this post.
could be a minigame or even a ranked category I guess, sounds interesting but I feel like more "secondary rules" should be added other than solely removing ghosts. Then the gamemode could be a hardcore thing for competitive matches, idk

But I suggest you to elaborate your idea with other stuff because if you just want to remove ghosts, everyone will reply as Aetas and Goat already did, you can do that yourself if you want
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Going to assume that he would like there to be a set option to enable ghosts, or rather disable ghosts. I'm also going to assume that he knows you can manually turn on/off the ghosts with "g" or both ghosts with "b". To go further on with his idea, a server setting to force the ghost off is probably what he wants (ctrl + g) similar to the tick boxes for dismemberment, sumo, fracture, and so on. ([] enemy ghost and [] both ghosts possibly?)

Sure you could have an agreement with the other fighter to just not use it, and it would work provided people hold true to their agreements and play fair, but you know how that goes. I think it would be a good feature and provide another dynamic to the game if you choose to use it. A "hardcore" element could really be a turn on for a select niche-group of people. It'll more than likely be a toggleable feature, if you want it on or off (kind of just repeating myself at this point), so it's not going to hurt having it available for users to take it and use as they will.

Not going to lie though, I don't see this being put in immediately, if at all. Not that I think it's as bad feature, it's just more or less why along with priorities first. Two scenarios I'm looking at are, Nabi just puts it in because they want to, or enough people want it that Nabi is going to put it in due to demand. If enough people want features to be added and Nabi like the said suggested features and they can be easily coded it can probably be done.

In summary, I do like the idea and I think it could be very feasible to add. It'll make that small group of people that would like to utilize this happy, and if you don't want to use the feature, don't.
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This guy gets it, I know about the b thing, but that disables all ghosts, and I just want it to fall more on the player to predict their opponents movements. What ed said makes sense entirely, I just figure it can't be that hard if we already have it in part, so why not do it, I know I'd at least try it to see if it holds up as a concept, because I plan on making some events that would use this in the future, that's besides the point though.
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he also said it's unlikely to be added because a big fraction of the community must show interest in something before it getting done, from what I understand

I agree that the gamemode you suggested would be fun but for now that's just you, and you can use the disable ghost feature yourself. I'm totally supporting your idea because I dont see any way it could harm the players experience (if it's a toggleable feature, as ed exemplified) and it sounds fun, but I think you should complement it with more features first, instead of being this especific you could propose an entirely new gamemode with different gameplay experiences and such.

Anyway, I'm still supporting this gamemode idea
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I thinks it’s a good idea tbh, could also be something you suggest on the TB Next thread.

Adds a interesting level of difficulty, it’d be a niche option that’s rarely used but it gives some variety.

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Having no ghost makes the game nearly unplayable because we humans don't have a memory great enough to remember how the momentum of the tori is.
Maybe the two options can be future ghost (current one) and past ghost.
past ghost would show you what your Tori just did. to give the player an idea of the momentum.
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I mean no ghost on the opponent, no player ghost can be for anyone who'd like to call themselves a genius however, also past ghost is a good idea that I think I mentioned, may look a little weird? I dunno. Also lionet, what do you mean by and entirely different gamemode? What could you really make of this besides being an addition to add more depth to regular play.
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