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balance systems are about adding thrust to body parts to counter-act gravity. Skateboard is put together in a similar way to a real one, you need a board, truks and wheels. The wheels attatch to the truks, and the truks attach to the board. You set the ranges of the joints so that when the board tilts left or right, the wheels will angle to turn in that direction.

As far as modding goes, it'll be very difficult for a begginner. Try something simpler to begin with perhaps.
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ModMaker Crash
i was testing out the mod maker, because i finally know how it works at all. i was trying some stuff with numbers. i wanted to edit a joint, i putted in a to high number, and then it crashed, now when i try to open the modmaker toribash crashes. I dont like that! do,s somebody knows how to fix it?,so i can try to make my first real mod?. thank you
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the file modmaker.tbm is making it crash. You can edit the problem out by opening it in notepad (search for the number and set it to 0). Or you can just delete the file or rename it and start again.
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can i find that in the toribash mainfolder, or somewhere else?
i mean, where can you find the modmakere.tbm file
Hurray, it works again!
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it's in a file called "player exported mods".

It may be simpler to just delete "modmaker.tbm" and the game will create a new file when you export.
No the file is in the mods folder, not player exported mods. Plus he already fixed it.
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[R] Need help rotating tori
So yea, Got the position right, But for god all reasons i can´t get to my head how it was to rotate tori

I want tori facing the pipes direction, so pretty much straight on the platform i placed tori on.

Iff someone can help me with this i´l be happy as a little child
Just edit the replay bellow and make the rotation, then post the replay and voila your an amazing person.
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