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Gaming Laptop
So, im not sure if anyone here use laptop to play games cause right now people mostly do customized pc and so on. not really a fan of that cause i will like to bring it anywhere. which is a problem with pc.

i am thinking to buy a new gaming laptop. What i have on my mind now is hp omen. fucking love that laptop but i dont want to regret it later. so if anyone using it i would like to know about it.

yeah, this thread is about what gaming laptop u guys prefer or u think i should buy?. msi is out because so many people have trouble with it and constantly have to repair it. i dont want to buy overpriced laptop, somewhere close to hp omen will be good. if possible a slim gaming laptop not too big and thick like dell gaming laptop, or some rog.

yup thankyou ;)
My fear keeps me hesitating
Pricepoint, what do you need it for, which games etc.
make a better first post and try again. closed until then.
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