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I am sbanen
Greetings. I am "sbanen". I am 16 and turn 17 on 25 February next year. Apparently I tend to cause chaos, because of the amount of damage I caused on Toribash.
hi there SBanen i see that you are new here let me to be your Guide
before we start you must need to know some rule here
understand the rule?if no you can ask people in this link
or if you didn't have any courage to talk with higher ups just shoot me a PM and i'll help you
If you want to search for some friend the great place is in Organization, find the org that you put your interest then fill the application that already put on the thread.

the common app

Okay,i think it's the end of my tour
if you still have a question PM the moderator or me
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I understand the rules. After my first ban at the Cave Story Tribute Site forums, I decided to use the search function to find the rules. I forgot about checking the rules there first.

Anyway, thanks for being my guide!
Is there a way to change my member name from "sbanen" to "Shane?" I think I prefer the name I use at the CS Tribute Site Forums...

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Haughty domeone with prior experience in forums!

I've been teased every single day that I went to school until 7 March last year, so being teased is something I am very used to. Insulted, or whatever else it could be called, anyone who insults or teases me won't make me angry. Just saying.

Also, could somebody explain how the flame-thing works? I kinda want to make my ragdoll seem icy so that one of my battles can seem truthful in terms of the replay's name

Darn, my signature is missing, and the search function doesn't work for me anymore! And PMs aren't even sent, it would seem...
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Holy shit auto correct screwed that post up. I wasn't insulting you or any thing. Blame auto correct ;~;

If auto-correct is the spell-check thing, then I'll blame it. It doesn't work on my computer anyway, so I spell the words as I know them.

Now my signature shows up... but the Search function still doesn't work for me >:-(
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Join frost if you like ice. We like ice, people who like ice, and people can speak English well. and Popsicles. And snowmen. And snow. And frost bite. (not as much though)

You can only use the search function if you have a premium account. If you don't plan on paying for it just use google. Google should be your best friend.