Don't know whether to believe any of this or not.
Often advertising your gender (through name or otherwise) will incur suspicion for most users.
I'm inclined to side with Slybash, there have been lots of accounts made of (supposed) females coming into the community and them attempting to use that to their advantage, however, on the chance that you are infact new, welcome.
I hope you enjoy your stay.
If you have any ingame trouble you can contact me about it and i'll try and help to the best of my ability.

Note; I'm not saying Slybash was right to express his suspicion, I'm just saying it was a justified concern.
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SkyBash? SlyBash !
Carefulness .
The internet is full of fake girls , i think at suzee is real.
Lindzee is popular girl and when and from who you heard this game?