Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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A thread where people say numbers for no real reason anymore but thats ok
Let the choir boy choosing process BEGIN

Well boys and girls I hope you are ready. For anyone who is not aware of numberwang and its rules; firstly turn off your computer and scream loudly about how your life is terrible and walk out of your house, go to the nearest library and educate yourselves. Clearly the person who gets numberwang is the winner but since we are not being filmed and part of a world class gameshow we need to set some slightly different rules.

1. Rotate the Board - film yourself doing a spin - this spin must be on a different object every time you rotate the board
2. fallu - 11 year old finnish boy, adept at annoying sk8rs and getting hit by eggs

1. Your numberwang location attempts will only be registered if you are part of either the "Catholicus" or "Non Catholicus" ranks (or be iTemp)
2. There is no wangernum and there is just 1 numberwang
3. You may only try to get the numberwang every 5 posts, that is to say you cant guess again until 4 other people have guessed. If you break this rule you must rotate the board to get back into the game.
4. You may have an extra go immediately if you rotate the board
5. Good luck, you may begin
7. Why are you still reading?
8. What the hell, why didnt you notice that I skipped rule number 5?


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Hi I el cooperate
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Infracted for being too damn sexy
What the fuck have you created...
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so the name of the tv show is basically numberdick

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Hint, to guess the right number you have to guess numbers
Don't dm me pictures of bowls that you find attractive.