Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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(007) 007
Welcome on 007 [007] clan board !
Clan IRC channel:

The Rules are short and easy :

1. No spam
2. No rage kids
3. Minimum age is 14
4. We recruiting only players who want to make the best clan with us


Make an apply and join us:
1. Nick/name:
2. Age:
3. Belt:
4. Favourite mods:
5. How often do You play Toribash:
6. How often do You entering the forum ?:
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Clan enemy disagree, because of Your leader MrNorbert saying he don't want the allie enemy with my clan ;)
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im lile (well thats my Toribash username im actually lilesapling but in Toribash im lile)
ok now here comes part 2, which might might possibly anger you, i am not 14 but 13, but before you delete this can i please just say (not pushing myself up or anything) the i am NOT immature i am in year 8 doing year 9 maths in a school that rated one of the hardest in the state, so PLEASE pretend im 14.
im brown, almost black but have TONS of stuff, i am also looking for a new headpiece as mine is fugly and i heard one of yo might give me a psycho headpiece!!!!
i like wushu, footmod, pendulam jump, aikido (any) and realtoriboxing
i play it HEAPS atleast 10-30 minutes a day sometimes ill play 1 hour all holidays, but then again i do not alway play multiplayer but 85% is multiplayer.
well this is my 8th post on the forum but i do visit them quite a bit.
Please accept remember how i defeated 3 of u on one of you servers once, you said if i posted it would be accepted THANKS (dont foret the new head)
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@lile - apply accepted, welcome in our clan ;)

@serinha - sure, clan allie accepted too ;*

yes accepted