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hey guys, my name is stev.

i have previously had a bad rep and so would like to try and redeem myself in this great community by making you clan threads.

i can make:
  1. titles
  2. logos
  3. stories
  4. member lists
  5. designs and layouts
  6. signatures
  7. avatars

please post below stating which of these you would like. please include some detail and specifications.

worked with:

working with:
(TiP) Team Impact

to work with:

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Well this definitely isn't the place for whatever this is. Normally I'd assume you would be making art for clans and move this to the art/textures board but you have some other questionable stuff listed and I'm not sure that would be the proper place for your thread. Regardless, it's definitely the leaders job to shape their clan thread, but if you want to make free art for them that's fine. Just make a proper thread in the art/texture for these types of requests (if you want to sell them). Either way this is not the place to post stuff like this.

p.s. threads like "selling free art" aren't allowed in art/textures (try the regular art board if you still want to make free art for clans)
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