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(Bas1c) Bas1c
Bas1c Clan
We are the Bas1c Clan
The Bas1c Clan is a multi-game clan. We play different games ( Other than toribash ) such as fortnite and other games. This is the Toribash Bas1c Clan.
If you want to be recruited, you need to get into a recruitment session. If we are recruiting, you can join into the recruiting session by typing in chat /jo bas1c
Hello Ozite,

Your clan's thread is missing some information according to clan guidelines:

As a minimum though, you must include:
A story or description about your clan
The clan's aims.
If your clan is using a bank, it must be listed clearly.

Please update your thread accordingly.
If you not meet the requirements within 7 days, this thread will be closed and you will be infracted.

Good luck with your clan!
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