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(GoT) Gears Of Tori
Welcome to GoT! This is a clan for friends or people I think can join.

Requirements to join: There is none, just be friendly and cool and you could join.

Do we have a bank?: Not currently

HI! If you are new here welcome and make yourself feel at home whether you're staying here or not, or if you're just looking at this to see what its all about do your thing. This clan should be a friendly environment for all types of people whether you be a certain gender, be unique in any type of way, if you're a bad, decent, good, or a godlike player that's fine, we treat each other like family and with utmost respect, if you're a low rank that doesn't matter, we'll still treat you like you're one of us, equally.
Join our discord if you're interested in joining the clan [ for a fun time with all sorts of lads, doesn't matter what you chat about.

10 members
20 members
30 members
40 members
50 members
60 members
Win 10 wars
Win 20 wars
Win 30 wars
Win 60 wars
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Hi Rxxth,
Seems like you are missing a few key Required Details.please update the thread within seven days to avoid any conscious or trouble. Have questions, you are welcome to pm me an I’ll help you put a nice thread together.
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