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Better joints Without Shaders
I was doing a set and realized that joints with texture, they get a better quality, it could be done without the textures? The look of the game would be better, in my opinion.

Maybe with a script?



I made a folder with all joint textures, if you want to try, download it, and extract to "C:/games/Toribash 4.0/custom" folder, and /lp 0 joints


Maybe i'll work on a script for it. Maybe.
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to be honest i prefer flat joints to smooth ones
It wont let the game slower?

yeah will it make the run slower?
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Very good to preview joint colors/textures and make videos,yes! i love your idea... if hampa can add it in version 4.2 i'm very happy
Ye dude, me too, it'll be nice for us that can't run shaders ^^'
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Originally Posted by zGh05T View Post
thanks alot for the script :3 can't wait to see it :o

and this post actually proves it IS possible to run the vertex shader for the poly amount, yet not handle the shaders itself... hence HE doesn't lag does he?

The script doesn't use vertex shaders. There's a big difference between something done in hardware & something done via software. The faked shader script lives up to it's name, but it's a far cry from what you're requesting.

Of course, refer to the next quote for more on why it's not causing any speed issue for him...

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No, no lag, my onboard is a Intel GMA 3100, processor is a Intel Celeron @ 2.66GHz, and it runs perfectly.

GMA 3100? Oh, the one with emulated vertex shaders. Those can actually run TB with shaders turned on, depending on the driver (because it handles them via software rather than hardware).

There were Vista drivers that enabled the SM2.0 support, though the XP ones were lacking it. NFI If they bothered with enabling it on Win7 ones though. The hardware was discontinued long before that was released.

Moop had one of those, they occasionally glitched reflections (a common problem with Intel GFX) but if you look at his videos you'll notice it has no problems with shaders.

Might be worth playing hunt the driver if you want TB to look nice etc.

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Really, Skulfuk?



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WTF!? That means i can run shaders? With the right drivers?
omg, how how how
I'm on a W7 Ultimate 32x
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Originally Posted by opedro View Post
WTF!? That means i can run shaders? With the right drivers?
omg, how how how
I'm on a W7 Ultimate 32x

Download Driver Scanner
If you want the link, just pm me.
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Well, Driver Scanner is to get newer drivers, Skul told me to get older drivers :/
I need to look for it, hope it works ^^
Oh wow...hampa that would be nice to have as an extra option...I want it cuz my laptop lacks at everything possible
Nice to see you guys like my ideia :3
And it's gonna be awesome to see it in the next versions of TB.
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