Free Run Frenzy 5
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The Rules
1. All general forum rules apply here.

2. Lotteries / lucky dips are not allowed.
We're restricting lotteries and lucky dips for official, trusted ES/Nabi hosts only. Events such as lucky dips or lotteries, where luck and chance are the main factors of winning, are not allowed. This also includes raffles.

3. You may charge entrance fees for events but 100% of the entrance fees must go towards the prize. No profiting off events.

4. No Reference Links Are Allowed
Threads which give users a prize for signing up with a referral link or similar will be closed and the thread maker punished.

5. Events board is not a cheap alternative for broadcast.
If you wish to advertise in-game events, make a thread that meets certain standards and let it be continuous event, not just a one time thing.

6. No useless posts. This includes posts like "RESERVED!".
Posting "reserved" in an event where you don't need to reserve an entry beforehand will be considered useless posting and will result in infractions. These kind of posts are useless, post when you have an entry ready.

7. These rules also apply to events hosted by clans (whether in their board or elsewhere). (Events in clans hosted purely for clan members and which involve no outside users are exempt).

8. Do not post events that request replays for videos. They now belong in: Art.

9. When making an event, you are responsible to see that it finishes completely.
Failure to uphold your own event may result in a ban. Failure to uphold can be defined as a moderator sees fit, but will typically be defined as... "Failure to send prizes when an event is finished" and "Abandoning an event with substantial progress made". Additionally, we may send items from your account to compensate affected users.
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