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Suggestions for 4.3 - e-sports release

I'm working on the new 4.3 version, the release is focused on features that make tournaments, duels and spectating more exciting, easier to use.

Currently I have on my todo:
- Ingame opener stats (first use, name, win ratio, who found it first)
- Naming of openers used (if you create a new opener, you can also name it)
- Ingame player stats (join date, games played, win ratio etc)
- Mouse over on joint stats (how close to breaking was the join, how much damage did it take)
- Pause tournament or duel (ops can pause a current match)
- /decaprize 1000
"hampa has added a 1000 TC prize for decapitation"

+ the usual bug fixes and tweaks.

If you have any other competitive features, please post in this thread.
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Yeah, clan wars are broken, how about adding a new cmd for clan wars?
(new) /clanwar (clan name) (other clans name)

So when /clanwar is used, noone can change room type, (unless everybody leaves) until 30 minutes after. Game rules should also be locked, even for OP's.
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would it be nice to have motion blur and possibly some bloom in toribash?
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When you place a bet on an individual and the game ends in a draw you should get your TC back. As it is now you lose everything you bet even though the person you bet on didn't actually lose.
Quite a few nice ideas for 4.3, however whilst these ideas could help make the games more exciting, I would like to suggest some modifications to how grabs work. I'm not sure if it's a scripting issue, mod issue or game engine issue, but at higher level play certain grab positions are too powerful as grabbing the opponent's inside arm can leave him with no control over his arm (ie shoulder, elbow and wrist is mostly controlled by the grabber). The easy solution is of course to prevent the inside grab, but this leads to pretty much the same openers that usually result in pretty repetitive type matches and when it comes to higher level play it does happen more than one would hope. From an e-sports point of view not exactly desirable.

Secondly multiple grab positions which again pretty much leaves the opponent in a position where he cannot move can be a problem leading to less exciting matches (this i'm sure can be sorted out with a mod's rules).

Thirdly something I call 'grab slippage' where the position of the grab slips a bit. This might be intended though, which in itself ain't really so bad. just when a grab slips from your hand to inside arm and most of the control over your arm is lost.

TB certainly has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing how 4.3 pans out as an e-sports release

Edit: i should include that this is based on only a few mods such as aikido, aikidobd, aik7 and lenshu i thinkm Doubt lower dm threshold mods have these occurrences, but I can't say for sure
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