Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
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Hair, hats & other accessories
This can be cool
It can be purchase on the market and shop!
This can be awesome and cool!
the cap will be abit flappy and the cap can be custom by textures!
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Tail (similar to hair)
What if Hampa added tails? Its similar to hats/hairs you can get... Plus it could complete sets with those who want to have a complete cat set Or a halfblood set...There would be different types of tails...

Bushy tail: Big and fluffy

Skinny tail: A tail that is straight

Demon tail: Same as skinny tail but has a point at the end

Cat tail: not much to say about this one...just like a cats tail

So that's my idea that they should add in TB give me some support here :3
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I think it is a strange idea but i think there should only be one tail.

Like a cat tail maybe to go along with cat ears.

~Sort of supported

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forge idea
what if there were tails? i think it might be cool to have that, it would go good with cat ears or something, just something random i threw out there