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[Underway]Achievement Overhaul
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I would like to suggest this because it's been bugging me.
The achievements are broken, they only work for belt's and full sets.
The rest of the things, like win 1000 akido games and so on, are broken, and do not work.

So I was thinking, why not integrate the achievments into the client? And have a little pop-up come up in the corner. Also, new achievements for beating the bot Uke, and winning your first game. I don't know how you guys will react but that's just what I think. ;)

Thanks for reading.
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No the achievement for that aikido thing works, but not if some setting is changed. Like in quick aikido the reactiontime is changed.
I would like it if you brought achievements back like bushido etc.
because some people like me like collecting those and ive heard that not many achievements are not working any more and that they are taking ingame, market, clan away and will not be given anymore and in that way to me it seems like this game is falling apart.
All I am asking is to bring achievements back
thank you
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I agree. Someone should either fix the achievements now or get rid of them completely.

No point in having broken achievements.
achievements never went away, some are just broken/unobtainable.

Mod ones don't work because the original mod that they drew data from no longer exists. Judo had been completely replaced in official servers with a different version, judofrac, judo3, whatever the hell they are now.
Achievment Overhaul
I believe the achievement system should be given an overhaul, updated achievements that reward people based on the current toribash versions, whilst retaining other achievements, why not include innovative new achievements?

for example, having an achievement for trading in over 10 shiai tokens, attaining an item of a specific colour, winning 10 ingame tourneys, they're just some of the lots of ideas which i've came up with to try and keep people entangled in the game and striving to gain new achievements and rewards
Why don't you list more ideas? The best way to make something happen is to make a suggestion as detailed as possible.

I thought it would be cool to have an achievement for getting one item for every color of the rainbow, in order.
More importantly though, in-game achievements. For example:
-Parkour map achievements (getting from x to y in z frames)
-Boomhit achievements.
-skeet achievements, dismembering with a foot, hand and head. Getting x damage for a skeet.
-Record achievements. Getting a trick in the trictionary, book of records, front page replays etc.
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I think having achievable goals that are "hard" and require work to achieve it, record achievements are a bit out there, how many people break records? not many people.

I also thought having tc achievements would be nice, like achievments for gaining a certain amount of tc, dueling over a certain amount, betting over a certain amount, i'll list more when i think of some good ideas ;)