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texture joints need fix
Texture joints colors depends from force/relax colors. It can do texture joint item useless when set have dark force/relax. An example if I have void force and want put on my knee white letter it will not work. In other case if I have default
force/lax it will be look very good. I think texture joint items need options how to act with forces/relaxes.


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I don't like how they blend with your force/relax at times, though sometimes
they look decent. But overall, I think they should cover the force/relax colors
and display the images as regular textures do.
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yeah, i had an idea to make a joint texture but it failed, because i was going to make something like hair on it, and it should be black, and will be shaded with some white or something, but when there is white or gray, it shows the original force/relax colors, and this really sucks.
I suggest that the joint texture cover the force/relax colors.
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I had a demon force and a awesome tattoo on the right shoulder ( Before my new textures ) and it couldn't be seen because the demon covered the image so then if you only looked close you could see the image slightly. So if the image could like over lap the Force/Relax it would be so much better.
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You guys have seen an old style school projector right? The one they roll in and dim the lights in the class for? Joint textures aren't too different. They are laying a "film" of sorts that is the image you customize, over a colored "light" that is your joint force/relax, to produce the end result, a textured joint. Just as with a projector how you can't see a picture on the wall when there is no light on in the machine being projected, you cannot see a lighter layer that is pasted onto an already dark force/relax. That is one of the reasons why a lot of the lighter forces / relaxes are expensive in the game.
I'm not sure how easy or not it would be to recode the force and relax coloring behaviours, but I just wanted to explain how the existing setup works. The existing way coloring is done takes some getting used to, so I just wanted to post some information on how it works, incase some of you are having difficulty getting your appropriate color combinations.
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i like the way the joints work with the force/relax changes, i use the neck texture as a head, an it gives my face some different looks. u just need to experiment with F/R combos to get one that looks good.....

but i don't like how i keep getting other ppls joint textures over mine.
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