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Public Duel Servers
I suggest servers with increasing amounts to duel.
First server may be 100 tc, next 500, then 2500 and be maximized at 20k or so.
There would be Qi restrictions to assure new players don't wander in and lose everything. Oh and a bright red motd assuring people know what kind of server it is.
A lot goes on in private duel servers. Perhaps people can be contained with this idea.
LOVE this idea. Only thing I might add is instead of putting qi restriction on the servers,put the motd to something to warn beginners of what happens in a duel so they don't just lose their tc willy nilly.

Yes! I love this idea. And maybe the game can automatically give duel prize to the opponent if the other opponent was to quit for whatever reason.
Would prolly get us rid of the dueling spammers.
I'd love to see this idea, and this one, which has a similar concept.
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This is a good idea, but what about duel trapping?
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