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TCommon iPad an Android
Ok.. well first off i like to thank you for the moderators on Toribash.

Well you need to market this game so many people love this game an if you brought this on the apple an android market it would be really amazing. Just think about it for all of who's wondering an all those who don't want to take the time to ask. If you are working on it awesome!! I'm just pondering the idea around an its such a lovely game.
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I've thought about this many times. You'll need a keyboard for it though.

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wouldnt touch screen on the joints an a lil camera pad in the corner be workable?
$10 on the istore it would be worth every cent
voice 2 text is doable with android- but its slow

i'd buy an support
It's called Minibash.. Minibash is for Android and Apple tablets/phones. It's made by nabi. Thing is it's a 2D game, it requires a lot of work to make a 3D game like toribash on Apple/Android devices
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Of course, it would be cool, but how can you imagine to do it?
Hampa would be just butthurt, and his hands would just fall off trying to get Toribash to Android/iOS. And the incompatibilities, ohh..
Supported, of course, but never happening.