Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
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I have some issues with that too. If I recall correctly it was the head he was using at the time he got legend, that's all I got.

Knowing him from what I've seen it's most likely that he still owns the head and no one else.
a green haired boy with a candy thematic by the way, he got flames that were lollipops falling from the sky like rain (something similar to homerdawkins flame)

Oh, then I think I know what head you're talking about, it is green haired and it has a purple beanie that is themed as a giant skull looking creature with scraches, marks and has a tear going from it's eye, he does still own it, I asked him about it.
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It says uploaded by illuminati/zeph but I cannot see who that is. Any help would be amazing.
Our clanmate, i think he mixed different sets from different artist but you should contact him to be sure.
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who owns this
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