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Create Incentive for Veterans to Play
Pretty simple suggestion: there's nothing really appealing out there for people to earn in Toribash once they've hit 20,000 Qi. It's clear that this lack of promotional opportunities for Veteran players has an impact in their activity, or complete lack thereof.

The closest thing custom belts can talk about "achieving" or "earning" in Toribash is of course "God Belt"; however, that small cosmetic change isn't enough because custom belts can simply change their belt name on a whim to "God Belt" without any problem. That, and one three letter word is hardly a consolation for 30,000 more games to be played.

If you're here to agree or disagree that this is in fact an issue, please post. Additionally, this thread could be used to brainstorm suggestions for what exactly would serve as an incentive for Custom Belts to keep playing.

Some "stream of consciousness" suggestions from the top of my head:

1) Exclusive colors for 30,000/40,000/50,000 games played.
2) Custom made 3D Objects for 30k/40k/50k games played.

It's fiscally reasonable to create incentive for players to move on for thousands and thousands more games. The longer they stay here in Toribash, the more likely they'll throw money at the game. And although it'll never happen under the current people who are in charge of this- it'd be leaps and bounds better if these Objects/etc. can't in anyway be purchased or transferred.
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I suppose if people enjoy the game they'll keep playing it, the best thing to do would be to make the game more interesting believe...
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This just deletes the incentive you have.. if you are a custom belt but cannot earn 100,000 TC then the incentive is to go earn 100k.

That. Sadly for some people (I am included) marketing and other forms of making TC has grown stale and lost its fun.

After reading skulfuk's thread I'd like to bump my idea again:

Originally Posted by Goughy View Post
I know this is late to post but I don't think I have seen it suggested yet but I was thinking what about a forum change for example <--That thingy that pops up on your post becomes a different colour for belts after 10th dan and as your belt goes up it changes to a designated colour and say if you got god belt something cooler happened to it or something along those lines. (Sorry this looks good in my head but I'm finding it hard to put it into words)

But instead of changing colour per belt you were allowed access to change it once you hit custom belt like how you can change your background if you buy VIP and you can change it to any picture you wanted (Within reason).

Any opinions or pointers?

Packs that u can change color of the items from color code.
All 17 items of a full set for witch u can change color by color code for each part separate.
This item should have 30kqi limit and be avalable w/o qi for $
Big prices ofc.
Pure force and relax only cost like 20ish k and if you have played 20k games they can probably afford that very easily and probably have it already. I think having a custom item for like 20k qi then another 30k qi that is untradeable would be pretty cool but idk
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On the topic of custom 3d items, could you let the players make them in our medeling programs like blender? I didnt read all the replies so if someone said this sorry, but there could be a size limit and specific file format similar to the kiai system
Normal players arnt aloud to make 3D items because no one wants really terrible made 3D items that don't look goo in any way. That's why their is an actual job for it because people like stuff that looks good
Selling/buying tc or items? PM Flow!