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automatically opening Toribash window when match starts.
Ok so you know when youre in a long que, or waiting in an empty lobby, you want to do something that involves minimizing your toribash window (possibly for many minutes).

While youre toribash window isnt open you cant see if its your turn or when someone has come into your lobby and you end up either realizing theyve started a match with you and are already behind or you completely miss the match and go AFK.

My suggestion is this: In online mode, it should automatically make your toribash window open and show you that a match has started!

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Good morning sweet princess
Thank you, i was looking for the appropriate place to put this but couldnt find it..

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But there is a sound when a match starts but this idea could just be another option thing in the settings where you can disable it and enable it

Ahh true the sound is there! But i have the game muted. So i can play music. Im betting im not the only one who does this.

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Personally i use the kiai just for this, so i know when i'm playing. But even if you don't have a kiai, Toribash's icon starts to flash when it's your turn, at least on windows 8. I think that if the window automatically open would be annoying if you are doing other things, but with the possibility to active/deactive wouldn't be a problem.

Overall i don't consider this so useful, not supported.
while i do think this is a good idea i think it would need a command to be activated so it doesn't interrupt what you are doing in the other tab, so lets say i don't want this to work then this is the command /afkmode off and to activate it /afkmonde on so in the on it will switch you to the tb tab, but really is switching between tabs every 30 seconds ish to see where you are so hard?

so for the most part... i dont support this i think its really just pointless
oh yea i do the same kiai trick as WeppetKo it's helpful and it works for me
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Well if youre going to minimize toribash to do something that you dont want intterupted then just go spec.......

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faceplam* that was my point... i was saying in nature of this idea it would inturupt what you are doing made4you
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Thats why you spec.. so you dont get interrupted.

But thats a good idea to be able to turn it on and off.

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