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Ranking Updates
This thread's purpose is to gather more thoughts on Matchmaking and how it should work.

Toribash development team is currently focused on making the Matchmaking system work as you would expect a proper matchmaking to, and we would like to make sure our current plans fit community's desires and views on it. Any thoughts and new ideas are welcome and will be considered.

What is currently planned to be implemented:

  • Ranked - a "first to 3" duel
    • No mod choice - players get to fight in randomly selected mods (mod changes each fight).
      Draft mod list: aikidobigdojo.tbm, taekkyon.tbm, lenshu3ng.tbm (or rk-mma.tbm), judofrac.tbm
    • Brown belt restriction
    • Seasonal rank resets (3 months for season length)
    • No daily rank 1 reward. Instead, weekly rewards for top n players or one-time reward at the end of the season.
    • Matchmaking being the only way to rank up.

  • Unranked - a "first to 2" duel
    • Pick the mod group to play
    • No belt restriction

We also plan to disable daily rank 1 rewards for now as it has turned into "farm rank without getting caught" fest.
It doesn't mean that everybody with top ranks farmed their way up, but Event Squad members have to deal with rank-related reports on almost a daily basis. We may still reward top players in some way.

EDIT (10/03/2017):
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Matchmaking mods have been changed, mod list now consists of "classic" mods.

Grappling: aikido.tbm, aikidobigdojo.tbm, greykido.tbm
Kicking: taekkyon.tbm, erthtkv2.tbm, kickbox.tbm
Striking: lenshu3ng.tbm, rk-mma.tbm, wushu3box.tbm

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i don't really have any suggestion though but yeah, this system is good.All i wanna know is what is the number of 'top players" that would be rewarded? like top 3 players or top 10 players or something?
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me likey but two questions.

How will the automated tourney's work? Will it work like always where you only need a rank for the 5k or would for example the 500tc tourney's not need a rank but the 1k ones with the unranked ranks and 5k with ranked or am I completely wrong. And I'm also assuming you're taking the matchmaking out of those tourney's correct?
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well why dont make a prize for who win the matchmakings! like:blablabla wins 10 matchmakes,so he will win a beginner item,like a gladiator relax? and will being more hardest whit the time! idk...
Sorry, but I can't see the random mods working out. There should be some sort of selection.
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It's ok to have a belt restriction, but matching people based on qi would't work. You could add something like rank groups (most competitive games do stuff like this, lol, smite, csgo, etc) to match people with oponents with similar skills. Belt/qi doesn't really matter...
Having a weekly reward seems better than one reward per season. It will also force players to be more active.

weekly rewards for top n players

Top ten would be nice.

Unranked matchmaking should be added as well. Maybe people don't want it now, but after ranked matchmaking is realesed, some might want to have a similar, more casual experience.

(3 months for season length)

That seems a bit too much, but ok. Also there could be something for the player with the best overall rank at the end of the season.

One last thing:
No mod choice - players get to fight in randomly selected mods

There could be diferent categories for ranked matches, like sambo, grappling, etc. So the mods in the category are somewhat similar. Idk
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Matchmaking would be cool if you could click a "1k duel" button that would auto connect you with someone else and set you up with a duel or some auto duel making thing

aswell as this it would be great if there was "ABD only" and "Boxshu only" options because I know they are really popular well things like greykido3 arnt

thats just me.

Aswell, to get more players on the matchmaking thing and make it faster I think that wins in matchmaking should award you with 50tc instead of 10 and of course that would mean that the 50tc booster would have to be removed from the store because you could basically get it for free
Maybe a list of players who are match making or a comoletly seperate tab for match making
maybe certain "leagues" that get a better prize based on their ranking
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mod requests:
My 2 cents on RANKED ONLY:
Prizes/Rewards; Top 3 Players get a random item + # of tc (Thinking around 20k each? Seeing as it is a weekly thing and not a daily thing) Players between 3-10 would just get # tc (15k sounds like a good number.) then 11-15 would also get # tc (5k-10k.)
Mods; Add a "Featured" mod into the mix that is changed every other week. (E.g. this weeks featured mod is mushu but the week after nexts featured mod is lightninglenshu.) Other than that I like how it's entirely random.
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