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Upgrade tori control system | IK controls
In my opinion to upgrade tori control system developers should make something work similar to Maya 3d animation but with physics. I just want to say that it would be better to control tori by pulling parts of the body during turns. Watch this video and think about this idea
Why it will upgrade toribash. You will have more precision. You will be able to have more control of your tori. Will be better to play mods. Just will be easier. You will be able to make more moves. I know it hard to make again tori control system but it will give to you more capabilities. I would like to see this system in toribash. Are you agree with my idea?

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Im confused on the flight simulator point, could you please elaborate.
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It's an interesting concept, but one that I think should be reserved for minibash, or animations. Implementing something like that would either kill the complexity of the game or make it too complicated, and personally I'd find it less fun. I think it's a cool concept, but nothing that would be added into Toribash
I don't agree with you %Karbn. You really don't want have more control over your Tori?
"Implementing something like that would either kill the complexity of the game or make it too complicated"
You have to decide. It isn't logic. Why should it be reserved for mini bash or animations? Why you personally would find it less fun. Answer me.
I don't know why I write about fight simulator ♥Bless. Why you dislike my idea for toribash next? 12 years you had old Tori control system. You really don't see the advantages of my idea?
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to clarify, talking about
Noribash Text

it is called Inverse Kinematics, for those who don't know what's that - google it before replying to this thread, you will spare us some time and nerves

i also thought about something similar recently, as after my interactions with blender and animation it became quite clear that the current control scheme doesn't work, and nobody in their sanity would bother to waste years to learn how to control the tori, in order to do some basic movements,

if i was a new player - i would not even fire up toribash twice
the controls are not for humans
i can achieve much more and much faster in blender,
and any new player would expect to have at least that fluidity of control
the fact that i spent 10 years to master how current assward controls works to freely do some basic movement does not mean that it's good or skillful
as the matter of fact the game for me is about moving how i want, not necessary fighting controls

something like this would work quite well imo, or even without the hotkeys, but this kind of windrose

so you select an IK part, like... wrists/elbows/feet/knees
when you selected it, this windrose shows up next to it
you grab X with mouse and it moves on X plane like shown in video
you grab Y - y plane, well you got the idea

toribash is a ragdoll physics based fighting game, with great focus on customize-ability and userr-generated-content, not necessary "CLICK ON THESE BALLS" game,

so as long as it will follows these principles, i'm all for streamlining the game and making it as straightforward as it possible.

meaning straightforward easy to pick up ways to customize characters, make mods

and most importantly easy to control...

the complexity of the game arise not from complexity of controls, but from understanding what, when and how should be done

@Bowblend, nevermind these children, none of them know what they are talking about. they never fired up blender/maya and probably never will, due to the fact that they are bound to antient hardware, and the only reason they even play this game is simply because nothing else runs on their toasters,
what you say is logical and obvious for anyone who was ever exposed to 3d modeling / animation, so keep it up, you are not alone, mate!
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I think this is something that could be implemented, but the people that want it would have to spend 4-5k TC on it. That way, they learn the mechanics of the game as it is and then they can choose either to change the mechanics or not.

Great idea though!
So your essentially suggesting allowing us to control our tori's more fluidly with inverse kinematics so that fights and things feel more 'natural'
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I am sorry to say this, but you guys have to not be all here to agree with this. 11 years that people are trying to perfect their technic, and now we should just set it all back up? Like, just make another game if you want to do this. Also, the difficulty of the game is the main idea, it’s supposed to be hard. That’s just a stupid idea, the current system of joints is perfect and shouldn’t even be slightly changed.
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to clarify, talking about
Noribash Text

just because you invested time mastering the assward control scheme to move a ragdoll doesn't mean everyone else should also waste years on something that should not even been difficult in the first place.

the fact that the game is so old that there wasn't a concept of inverse kinematics and the control of the toris was made through joints doesn't mean it have to stay this horrible way.

look at the new players, the thread starter for example:
he is orange belt, started playing a few days ago, had experience with maya, and he rightfully wondering:
why the hell it is so complicated to make moves in THE GAME, compared to some pretty heavy 3d EDITOR

don't you think that kinda stupid?...
i can do much more in much less time using blender3d than trying to do the same as a toribash replay

tl;dr legacy joint controls are this way because there was no other/better way to achieve full body control 11 years ago, but we are in 2k18 now, and there are better ways that are considered to be the industry standards, and anybody picking up the game expect at-least the same fidelity of controls, or even better.
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