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[READ ME] Offtopic Rules
Whilst offtopic is a place with more relaxed rules than other boards, it is not wibbles 2.0
Failure to comply with the rules of the board will result in warnings or infractions being placed.

• Useless threads are not allowed, your thread must contain a topic. Word game threads that stay on topic are allowed.
Ex: Birthday threads, Going Away/Coming back threads are not allowed. Whilst word association games, Rate the X above you threads are allowed

• If the original post is a question, answer the question and explain your answer where appropriate. Likewise if the original post is a game or a theme, stick within this theme.

• Word games are okay, spamming is not. Spamming won't be tolerated in this board.

• All General Rules apply to this board.
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Gaming Chat Rules

• One thread per game, use the search function if you're unsure if a thread has been made.

• If your post contains spoilers, use the spoiler tags.
[spoiler="name of the spoiler here"]X[/spoiler] (Replace the "X" with what you want in the spoiler)

• X vs. Y threads will be allowed if they remain fairly objective and free of toxicity
Ex: PS5 vs. Xbox Series X

• Selling game accounts is striclty prohibited and attempts to do so will involve account bans.

Computer/Mobile Chat Rules

• When asking for troubleshooting help you must include your system specs, which can be accessed by typing 'System Information' in the start menu on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Failing to do this will result in your threads being closed!

• When asking for build help, I highly recommend that you use pcpartpicker. It is the easiest way to manage builds and to provide help and editing. It is available in almost all regions, and if it isn't, just choose the default (USD) currency, and select your parts from there.

• When providing support, be sure what you are saying is correct. This means during debates you must be able to source everything!

• When providing support, do not ask redundant questions.

• Do not be rude to people when someone does not have a complete knowledge of computers. This is why this subforum exists, to help these users better understand.

• Synthetic benchmarks are now banned. This includes: GPU/CPUBoss, Passmark, Cinebench etc

Music/Movie Chat Rules

REMINDER: Reading posts regarding movies may have spoilers, view at your own risk.

• You may post a single song if you're going to make discussion on it. However you must start the discussion and provide any themes, theories, points, and so on to enable the discussion.

• Stay on topic and put effort in your posts. Simply stating "I hate this" will not suffice. Explain yourself.

• Before making a new thread, make sure there isn't an existing one already.

• If you do find an already existing thread that you want to post in, you may bump it. Just make sure you're not needlessly bumping the thread.
Ex: A bump would be needless if it is a question that has already been answered.

• If you are the last person to post in the following threads "Rate this song above you" and "What are you listening to right now?", wait to post again. Do not use a 24 hour bump.

• Use spoiler tags when talking about a movie that may spoil information to others. If you are unsure it is a spoiler or not, Just be safe and use the spoiler tags. (Blatant attempts to spoil movies will result in receiving an infraction or even a ban.)
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