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100$ CAD 512x512 Body textures + Head
looking for someone to make me a custom set, paying 100$ CAD ( must be really good at what you do... )
- will need to see some previous art before we come to an agreement.
Gonna be a black and white set pencil if possible, dark themed the more creepy the better <3 Discord : Alena#1733
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i am hhung over so ima go put liquids in me.
Hello Alena, I'm moving your thread to Requests board.

Also, please edit your thread to include the following information:

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B) Explain what you want in as much detail as you can - in both the post and the thread title.

C) Include:
.....I) Describe what colours you want, and what resolution (size) you want the image(s) in.

Thank you!
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