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Redo That Move!

An event for the trickers amongst the community and those wanting to learn tricking!
the premise is simple, there are 3 clips of irl tricking, one advanced, one intermediate, and one basic, and you will choose, based on your skill, which one to remake in toribash.



tornado>hook>sideswipe>td raiz>cork

replay hacking is not allowed
no stealing replays
one entry per player, this means no using alt accounts to post more than 1 time as well
the replay has to be made using the mod provided at the bottom of this post

Create a replay of the chosen combo in the mod provided and upload the rpl to this post for judging. if you post one replay and decide to make another, just replace the first one by editing the post


10k + 1

intermediate combo

25k + 2

advanced combo

50k + 4

best replay

100k + full 512 body + 6

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My attempt but also like i kept wanting to do other moves lmao i was so close to just yeeting some spinnaroos in there
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Due to recent events, I will be taking over this event. All rules still apply, any questions, feel free to DM me directly via forums or discord @ Rain#0420.
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