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Clan Flags
So I was thinking it would be a great idea if clans were able have their clan logos instead of country flags next to their in-game name.
Right now there's no other identifying characteristics of a clan in-game besides the [Clan] bracket, by implementing Clan Flags it will give groups the ability to show off those sweet colors they worked hard on and also gives a good reason to spend those extra clan points!

What do you guys think?
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Originally Posted by Kamy View Post
Also a clan flag item maybe ? Or a re texturable flag

at first i thought it was this lol

either way that'd be real cool
that actually sounds pretty cool, good idea old man
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hi laine :3
90% of people dont use country flags seriously anyway so i'd see this as a net positive
im still
This seems like a pretty cool idea, may be a good idea to make it toggle able as not every clan has a logo, especially ones created by new players, Its probably also a good idea to make it unlockable similar to clan permarooms, forum color, etc.
It should be implemented where the region flag is. And if you want to find someones region it should be in /stats. I'd be so hyped to see the little dog logo next to my name.
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Noted, cool idea.
Can't promise it any time soon, but I'll add it to my "clan stuff to do" list .

Nice one.
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