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Uke Strikes Back!
TANG Presents

Alright y'all welcome to TANG's first formal forum event! Tori has been destroying Uke for far too long, its about time the tables turned! Uke has had enough and has decided to take a stand! Tori's day's have been numbered. Your goal is to annihilate Tori and get revenge for all the years of abuse Uke has been put through!

This event is your chance to help Uke get his sweet sweet revenge. Consider this Tori-bashing. You are required to take control of Uke and channel the inner rage of being the games punching bag for years out on Tori.

The rule for this event are simple:

1.) No replay hacking of any kind!
2.) No changing the dm thresh-hold below 100!
3.) You MUST complete your replay while controlling Uke! Any replays that don't conform to this will be disregarded!
4.) No replay stealing! No exceptions!
5.) Replays must be done on classic.tbm only!
6.) Collabs are not allowed! You have to make the replay by yourself

The event submissions will end on 04/08/2022 12:00 PM UTC -5, there is no buy in fee. Just submit your replays on the thread below

You might be wondering what wonderful prizes we have put up for this event. Here are the prizes for each place!

First Place Prize: 500,000 TC + Full Tesla +

Second Place Prize: 275,000 TC + +

Third Place Prize: 150,000 TC + +

Also there is a active bounty for this event to give you all a push to do your best! The person who gets the most dm's in a single boom hit will receive 75,000 TC. We define a boom-hit as a series of dm's that stem from a singular strike! Hopefully this give's you all incentives to try your absolute best!

If you all are wondering who will be judging your fine replay's, judges are Shoddy, Iris, and Xioi!

Hope Everyone Has Fun And Good Luck!

Item Donations Courtesy of Goughy!

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wtf why didn’t I win
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wtf why didn’t I win

You are too good for this
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