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new ranked system
im really happy with the ranked season, i'm glad it's being brought back and more people are getting on to check it out, so big props to those behind it (especially ancient)

with that being said, there's a lot of heated arguments over whether or not erthtk belongs in ranked, so i had this idea
i've played a lot of smite, and smite had three different ranking systems for three different game modes

conquest - 5v5 3 lanes
joust - 3v3 1 lane
duel - 1v1 1 lane

what these game modes actually are doesnt really matter, what does matter is that each of them are completely separate and have different leaderboards and prizes

can the same thing be applied to toribash? you could have three different game modes, with three different leaderboards and three different prizes for them. maybe not just different game modes, but they can be sorted by mod type:

grappling - abd, rb_greykido, sambo-off
striking - boxshu, rk-mma, lenshu
kicking - tk, erthtk, judofrac

this also allows a lot more diversity in ranked and room for other competitive mods that dont see much competitive play, like ninjutsu, wushu, kickbox, spiritwrestling, even aikido and greykido. people are clearly split on whether or not they want tk, this allows for people that want to play it to be able to play it (even compete directly with other tk players) and the people that dont want to play it are able to avoid it, but obviously you cant please everyone its just my idea.
instead of the exclusive item set being given to the top 5, they could instead be given to the top 3 in each mod type. only thing about that is that the same person could be in top 3 in each mod type by the end and win the prize three times. that's not immediately a bad thing though, and the item set could be altered for each mod type. there'd be less focus on global rank, and more of a focus on mod rank, or even just mod type rank if that could be implemented. obviously there'd still be prizes for global rank.

sorry formatting sucks, it's just a rough idea i had and would like feedback on and get this seen
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