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Toribash - Player Card Items
Think of the cards they release during the Toribash World Championship.
Do you guys think it'd be cool if players could have their own player cards?

My idea is to have purchasable player card items that can be automatically generated.

The card will include the ff:
* Username
* Flag
* Belt
* Clan logo
* Description (Optional)
* Ranked border (Neutral, Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond; based on what the player's rank currently is)

NOTE: The player can purchase multiple cards (just in case they want to have cards that shows them in each tier)

This can be a TC sink, a way for the game to get USD, or... be an exclusive item included in the Toribash Season Pass

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like maybe some legends cards too and have like an event and the winner gets a cool prize and a card of themself and stuff like that
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