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Sort inventory by rarity
You should be able to sort your inventory by item rarity based on total items

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You should be able to sort your inventory by item rarity based on total items

I agree 100% and hope this gets implemented. It would help tremendously for marketing items.

It's a pain having to go to the store page for each item to see the total amount. Sorting them by rarity would be one of the quickest ways to check.

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I'd like to add up that i used the sort feature and it only sorted my inventory temporarily, which to my liking isn't fully "sorting" i sorted it for once and then when i closed my browser it sorted back randomly where it was before sorting alphabetically.

i'd like to showcase my inventory with every color sorted out alphabetically, like sort it in a way where it saves and it showcases the same way to everyone.

yeah, supporting this. adding another sort of rarity will actually make change nto how sorting the inventory works.
An issue with allowing to sort inventory by default is that it'd significantly slow down the already slow inventory fetching process. It literally needs to count how many instances of each item exists out of what you have - and also ignore those placed in a bunch of system accounts.
Not making it sortable by default but putting it as a separate feature would work, but that's more work that I'm not really willing to put into current website inventory system.

Not saying it'd never get implemented as the idea is good on its own, but very unlikely to happen until website inventory is reworked.