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God Slayer Co-Op Mod

This is a mod concept I developed that "revolves" around teamwork.
There are two mods, a single player and an MP version. The MP version is the true
version though. So the goal is to reach the chest of the god and touch it with your blade.
This will trigger the win.

But alas, the god is hurling objects around him to defend himself. That's where the shielded defender
comes into play. Using the shield deflect and block objects so allow the attacker windows to make it to the god.

For an easier version turn-off fracture.
For a harder challenge keep fracture on, some hits will take you out of the fight entirely.

It's hard to predict how the objects will react and function when you start interfering with their paths but I don't believe they'll do anything that breaks the gameplay. Enjoy!

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senshi_god_slayer_mp.tbm (28.3 KB, 19 views)
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One of the best co op fights I’ve ever done. Excellent work on this one!!
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I need to test that !

The mods first page is litterally only you, mata, great job for the community, you are on fire !

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