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even if you play logged in as an administrator, that doesnt change the fact that vista protects your program files folder. To allow an application to write to the program files folder, you have to open it in a special way. -.-

when running toribash, and you plan on saving from worldbuilder, right click the shortcut and click 'run as administrator', instead of running it normally.

u might be able to recover your mod by running as an administrator, and then resaving it.

thx jam, ill try
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Well in the names it says .tbm, but in game it says URL as well.

My problem still isn't fixed can someone help me?
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Slant (rotate) objects: Hold down [. Del] and a direction (4, 8, 6, etc.)

For force, you need to mod the .tbm file in notepad, and add something like:

force x y z
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try making a blank .txt and copying every thing thats in the .tbm to the .txt, then changing it to .tbm and putting it in your mods folder...

After I do that it goes into the folder as a .tbm.txt.
"When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend."
-U.S. Army Training Notice
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do these things exactly the way i say them

open mod file with notepad.
copy it to a new file in notepad
click file>save as.
change "Text Documents (*txt)" to "all files"
name it as modname.tbm ( save in mod folder)
then load it.