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Toribash Next announcement.
I've started to build a new Toribash version, code name Toribash Next.

While the current engine is super awesome it was written 12 years ago.

Things I want to add to the new engine:
- 2vs2, 3vs1 and brawl games
- Built with animations and models from the start
- Ingame multiplayer modding (mod rooms together)
- Ingame inventory and trading
- Run your own servers

Some technical details for those interested:
- Engine (Unity3D)
- Plattforms (Windows, OSX)
- Backend (Steam and standalone)

- Part of the economy will be decentralised (we will have our own BitCoin type currency). This will allow players to trade outside the forum.
- The giveaway Toribash Next Token will eventually transferable to this new section of our economy.

Questions & Answers:


If you have more questions, I'll keep this top post updated.
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Originally Posted by Enclave View Post
I can't wait for this game to be shown at E3 next year!

is it actually being shown at E3 next year? that's something to be excited about at least, keen to see the player base rise a lil again, game deserves to live forever.
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Originally Posted by destruidorp4 View Post
uuuh... hello again, toribash next is still a thing being worked on?

Yes. source: dude trust me.
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For anyone who continues to ask if the game is still being made, the answer is yes. I decided to ask Hampa myself due to the lack of communication and updates that nabi have been providing. He gave a simple
"Yes, still working", which I'm happy to hear.

Here is a small image of the conversation, just for added proof.
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