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RTB SlaughterHouse Event
The event is simple: I will get a hotspot in a room and fight anyone who joins in realtoriboxingmw2.tbm.
Everyone who fights me will get
100 tcs. If you beat me, however, you get 1000 tcs.
You do not get more than 100 tcs if you fight me more than once in the same day. You do get 1000 more tcs for every time you beat me.

In the event we'll play 200 frames long matches with fractures disabled and following
classic rtb rules:
You may only strike with punches No elbows, no backhands, no hammerfists, no kicks, no knees, no headbutts;
You may not squeeze the opponent in between your joints (a.k.a. clinching) If you do get in a similar position by accident, break the clinch immediately and resume the fight;
You may not use your legs to defend The most notable example being putting a leg between you and your opponent to keep them away;

If you do not follow these rules in your matches, you get no tcs no matter what the outcome of the fight is.

Tcs will be distributed a couple of days after the event for verification purposes.

Additionally, this event aims to rank you for other upcoming competitions in our discord server - if interested, Join for more info as well as tutorials about the mod.

We'll be running this event multiple times for this very reason.
Sunday 15th to Tuesday 17th. Each day the event will go on from 8pm GMT to 10pm GMT.

Everyone is invited.
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