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4.8 beta2 - Windows and OSX - Windows - OSX

Please help us test it:

- ingame torishop is working again
- show TC on startup
- better replay speed controls ,.

- /realtimeghost on|off|ops - show ghost updates
- prevent fake double line chat messages
- maxclients is 2 (not 4 as before)

- replay speed doesn't jerk when going backwards
- replay speed can always be set
- replay speed doesn't block dl text
- prevent .obj files from being black color
- fixed camera control keyboard bug when flame forge menu
- prevent objects from being stuck on players in MP
- fixed setting host color by command in lua
- fixed crash at buddylist on join when room is empty
- fixed crash at lua set_grip_info due to invalid player index
- fixed crash at playercache when match frame is bigger than cache size
- prevent crash due to no kiai sound
- fixed obj model not loading with texture coord or normal if less than vertices
- Fixed zero mass crash in mods

- added Yoyo's belt.lua script
- new country flags
- God Team mods
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I feel like this will benefit all mods, since there will be no unwanted "hugging damage".
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If you are moving the camera while you hit the gold button the camera keeps moving. It is easily fixed just by tapping the last key you hit when the camera started moving by itself but just thought I'd mention it just in case
Ever since my SteamBash updated, I been having constant crashes without any error messages, freezing, or explanation. It happens randomly and I havent been able to make a cause yet, it happens about every 10-30 mins.
try typing /opt autoupdate 0 when you start it up
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