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Custom ghost negative values
Could you make it so custom ghosts can show whats happened previously?

When i animate i like to playback the animation constantly so i can keep track of the bigger picture. Onion skin also shows previous frames which helps me keep track of how it looks and whats going on.

When I'm trying to make a replay in toribash i find myself constantly pressing R to see how the replay looks and what the motion looks like. It helps me see the flow and keep track of the momentum i feel like. It'd really help me keep track of motions if the ghost showed this info instead. So like turning on onion skin in an animation program so you can see previous and next frames.

Maybe this could be implemented by including an additional slider that goes into the negatives. and the ghost appears that many frames before and continues until it reaches the limit set by the positive slider.
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Unless i'm mistaken, ctr z only changes your joints to what they were previously.

What I'm suggesting, being able to see what you did 50 or 100 frames ago and how that visually flows into your current position, would help you keep track of your overall motion i feel like so it'd be easier to design your replays to how you want them to look.

you can do this by pressing R but its a really clunky way of doing it. Especially in long replays with thousands of frames, or if you're really trying to polish a movement so it fits in with the replay overall.
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I like this idea a lot for multiplayer. At least for mma the turn frames are so small and it’s easy to forget what you were doing just a few turns before. Being able to watch your ghost replay what got you to the present would really highlight the good or bad aesthetic of your movement. It would also feedback tactical information to help you decide what to do next.
This might be a better idea if you could hit a key to show a replay ghost just for one ghost cycle (Ctrl + B).
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Again a great idea.

Pressing B could play the ghost from say -20 frames before to +20 frames after. This would be used much more frequently than just toggling the ghost on/off which could be binded to Ctrl + B.
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