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Clan League 2021

Welcome to another iteration of Clan League! It's time to dust off your poor clanmates, kick some clan butt, and claim the crown for your own!

Clans must list ALL participants in their roster (Changes to roster after sign up period is prohibited.)
Users found in multiple rosters on alternate accounts will be punished and the clans involved will be disqualified (This includes multiple accounts found in one roster.).
Please note: It is your job to make sure and check with your roster in order to confirm they are not included in multiple rosters, or are included in a singular roster twice.
Failure to complete matches will result in disqualification in both clans unless proof is provided that one of the clans are making an effort to complete matches
Match scores should be clearly stated, as well as a list of participants and all replays.

Straight KO. Randomised Seeding.

Round Criteria:

Each clan will need at least 6 participants for this event.

This round (read as: the Final round) will be best of 41. Each mod can only be played a maximum of 11 times.
Each person can only play a maximum of 11 games for their clan per match.

A randomly chosen clan will pick the first mod. After that, the clan that lost the match will pick the next mod.
Mods can not be played twice in a row.

Mod list:


Proof of Randomization

Round 1 begins August 9th 2021.
Deadline for the first round is August 15th 2021


Custom 3D Item
Clan Achievement Trophy
A choice of any item available for purchase (Excluding subscriptions, Tier Packs)
18 Shiai Tokens
60K Clan Perk Points
500k TC


A choice of any item available for purchase (Excluding subscriptions, Tier Packs, and Tori packs, Tier VII+ Color Packs)
12 Shiai Tokens
30k Clan Perk Points
300k TC


A choice of any item available for purchase (Excluding subscriptions, Tier Packs, and Tori packs, Tier V+ Color Packs)
6 Shiai Tokens
15k Clan Perk Points
150k TC

You must have played at least 7 games in order to qualify for prizes.

We'd like to recommend that you organize your matches in the official Toribash server (link is in the Discord image) you are still welcome to use your own servers to organize matches, however.


Due to this, you won't be allowed to start any matches early.
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so proud of my clanmates.
already in the quarterfinals.

ayy stfu mamaguevo sapo
Obey is 3 wins away from obtaining their first CL championship

Toribash Season 1 Rank 3 | Ex-ES Artist | Ex-Mascot of [Alpha]
Friendly reminder, if anyone wants their matches streamed, contact me on Discord (Trestet#5805)
Hello, I am part of the Event Squad team. If you have any questions or want to apply for ES, send me a Private Message!
Discord: Trestet#5805

TyphoN is superior to me <3
Alpha 13-4 Envy

boxshu: 4
[Alpha]kyoukisu beat [e]Slime
[Alpha]kyoukisu beat [e]Xocam
[Alpha]kyoukisu beat [e]Bodedee
[Alpha]kyoukisu beat [e]Juandissimo

abd: 6
[Alpha]cicada3301 beat [e]saeWL
[Alpha]cicada3301 beat [e]saeWL
[Alpha]cicada3301 beat [e]Bodedee
[e]Rajen beat [Alpha]cicada3301
[e]Xydra beat [Alpha]cicada3301
[Alpha]ernesto beat [e]Xydra

tk: 4
[Alpha]Vanderlei7 beat [e]Slime
[e]Dior beat [Alpha]Vanderlei7
[Alpha]ernesto beat [e]jewww
[Alpha]ernesto beat [e]Juandissimo

lenshu: 3
[Alpha]Fire beat [e]Dior
[e]Rajen beat [Alpha]Fire
[Alpha]Vanderlei7 beat [e]Rajen

ggs was fun

If I was able to have one wish, it would be to live closer to my one true love Fred, his beard tastes so nice.
He is also a far superior tk player.
For the following matches above, everything is accurate!

Well Played, Alpha! Good Luck!
[ TGS ],[ eVo ],[ M ],[ Idle ]
Velo's Boyfriend and Leader of [e]
catana vs fade 0 - 1
catana vs alejandro2 1 - 2
Fake vs alejandro2 5 - 4
Fake vs ancient 7 - 7
Fake vs Fade 8 - 9
Fake vs heat 11 - 9
Fake vs Karstnator 13 - 10
Shmevin vs fade 1 - 1
Shmevin vs itemp 4 - 4
ickmyballs vs itemp 2- 4
Shmevin vs Karstnator 8 - 8
Shemvin vs itemp 9 - 9
Shmevin vs Karstnator 12 - 10
Frost vs Ancient 1 - 3
D4yr vs ancient 3 - 4
D4yr vs itemp 6 - 5
D4yr vs itemp 7 - 6
Frost vs ancient 7 - 8
Frost vs ancient 10 - 9
ickmyballs vs woeb 2 - 3
ickmyballs vs fade 6 - 4
ickmyballs vs alejandro2 7 - 5
Frost vs heat 11 - 10

Final score:::::
[ l ] 13 - 10 [ w ]

2 points given to catana.

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w 10 - 13 l
pm me your questions or applications

dance with my dogs in the night time
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ggs to the drunkards

Ggs to you bb
. I’m Frosty butt cheeks and I love me some henny dick babyyy