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dyel? (do you even lift)
do you lift weights?
do you go to the gym?
do you work out or participate in any physical activities other than sports and I'm not talking about any damn e-sports

feel free to post whether you do or don't work out and feel free to ask a guy who works at a gym and is constantly surrounded by personal trainers anything

if you do go to the gym:
how long have you been lifting?
what's your favorite exercise?
what's your max bench? and why is it less than mine?
what do you hope to achieve through lifting?

if you don't lift:
why aren't you lifting?
do you want to get started?
do you have any questions on how to get started?

it's pretty late right now and I'm going to bed but I'll probably post some lifting resources and information here for those of you who are interested but don't no where to start/are lazy as fuck neckbeards


good food
black beans
white meat chicken (b-b-b-b-breast)
brown rice
ground turkey
all fruit ever
all veggies ever

best at home bodyweight exercises
pullups/chinups (for this one you might have to invest in a portable pullup bar that you place in your door, it costs like 15 bux dude it's a good investment)
pushups (always and forever)
pistol squats (google it)
calf raises

best compound exercises
bench press
overhead press
bent-over barbell rows
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8 months
leg press because i can say i can do 500 and people who dont lift might be impressed
155 bench 190 squat and deadlifts fucked up my back once never again
lost body fat doing that shit at a caloric defecit because cardio is for bitches so im just now getting gainz. i do it for gainz and so im not 6'5 and lanky
Horrible premise but the discussion will be good. I don't lift because I don't like things that could supress people's height and growth. I do MMA at my Gym(Which not to brag but is very high end in my Country it's for our Celebrities n stuff ^_^) because it's really fun and helps you unloaded your rage every now and then And think about changing Thread name to Excerise Subbed to this Thread ;)
I guess I should start lifting after doing nothing but intense cardio for a straight year. I already lost all my weight a couple months ago, but now I am sick of bike riding and running will probably destroy my legs.
why aren't you lifting? Lifting is not my type, actually I have a thin body, so it's so hard for me to lift, but actually training can be good.

do you want to get started? No

do you have any questions on how to get started? No
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idk what my max anything is, because I always just do 5x5.

The highest my 5x5 bench has gone is 135 which is pretty lame.

My 5x5 squat has gotten up to 240 though so I have T-rex arms I guess

I like doing deadlifts the most, I feel like a badass every time I finish a set.

(I weigh 155 btw)

(also these are in pounds because I'm a true patriot)
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ohp 125 4x5
bench 140 4x5
squat 185 4x5
dl 195 4x5

i also of course do some accessory lifts and dips/pullups

lifting 5 months, coming from skinnyfat extraordinaire to one step above skinnyfat extraordinaire

don't really feel like posting my whole routine right now, but i will say that i recently took my squat down to once a week instead of twice and i am not sorry about it at all
do you lift weights? No.
do you go to the gym? No.
do you work out or participate in any physical activities other than sports and I'm not talking about any damn e-sports. Yes, League of Legends swimming (3-4 times a week ~30 mins semi-intense to intense workout) and I used to play hockey up until this year since I haven't found a team which fits my schedule near my new location.

why aren't you lifting? Simply because lifting isn't that appealing to me. I don't care that much about becoming muscular and I don't find lifting weights that much. I prefer other sports, mostly endurance sports. Sports for me are a way to clear my mind, relieve stress from studies and help me burn my energy/calories (which may not be such a good idea when I look at how underweight I am). If I don't do sports, I feel bad. After a session of sports, I feel good about myself and I feel relaxed.
do you want to get started? No
do you have any questions on how to get started? No, I think its pretty simple unless you really want to gain mass quickly.
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When I started is a tough one but I either do 5x5 and 3x3 power lift etc.
Guess you could say I really got into it when I went on my schools weight lifting team 2years ago (and I got to compete )
My maxs are around 3-4 months out dated but here they are
265 bench
375 squat
430 deadlift
I got a stocky 5'9" 170lb build so lifting always came naturally to me.
Recently I Fucked my leg up so my legs probably went down a little (sadness intensifies)
Probably my favorite hobby next to vidya games
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