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Just finished my 7th week of gym.
To recap I'm doing this program with some slight modifications.
Results so far:
The biggest one obviously is that I've increased my numbers so there's functional strength gains.
Though it's only been 7 weeks I'm pretty sure I'm seeing some muscle added/toning to some degree mostly in my arms, shoulders, calves and back. Pecs not that visibly different but starting to come in.
I feel great and cherish and look forward to my gym time.
The current numbers (everything is in kg):

(Deadlift on its own above since it rotates with the dumbell rows and I do it on Fridays)

Some general assessment of my current progress rates:
Dumbell row (good but I think it's slowing now)
Bench (I think this is slowing too)
Squat (Still progressing strong and linearly)
Romanian deadlift (Linear still but I think I'll slow and this soon too)
Leg press (Still going strong)
Calf Raises (Still going strong)
Deadlift (Still going strong)
Pullups (Started off not being able to do any. For the first 4 weeks I was training by doing negatives but then I injured my right arm jumping up to the handles so I had to rest for a little bit. Currently training pullups using the assisted pullup machine and progress is much better and easy to measure. When I checked last week I could do 4 pullups unassisted and getting close to 5.)
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I weight 130lb and max bench around 150 lb. so I'm not super strong but I have been improving.

I do more body weight workouts such as pull ups, push ups, dips, etc.
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do i work out? yes
do i go to the gym? just our school weight room
any physical activities other than sports and no damn e sports? well i do football but we're in weight lifting season rn so i guess that doesnt count as a sport.

we work out 4 days out of the week

all free weights btw

monday and thursday is on platforms so its deadlift, powerclean, bent over rows etc.

tuesday and friday is bench, squat, push press, and pull ups

the reps are constantly changing and the weight is too, some days we would do 4 sets of 10 reps with about 60-70% of our max, as we get closer to each max day we increase the weight with less reps. for example, today we did 4 sets of 6 with 85% of our max weight.

on the days we're on the platforms half the time we're doing that and the other half we go out into the hallway or gym.

the days we go into the gym we do sleds, ladders, and jumps (broad jumps etc.)

when we go into the hallway we do box jumps, push ups, sit ups, ladders, wall sits, and other things sometimes.

but anyways, as i said i weigh 130-135 (quite small) but i max benched at 155-160 a few weeks ago. im pretty sure we're going to max again in a few weeks too. i maxed on squat at 235, which isnt too bad i guess, but the numbers aren't the greatest.

oh and i do a lot of bodyweight stuff on the weekends like pushups situps and pull ups.

and i am fade
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I still lift. Did arms today. Started with dips and pushups, then some tricep presses to pushdowns. Barbel curls, then concentrated curls.

Not a whole lot, but it's something
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At the moment I'm sticking to my push-up routine since I'm too poor to afford any decent equipment. I do 5 sets of 20 after dinner, with a protein shake for afterwards. It's made a definite difference to my chest over the course of a few months.
Well I don't go to the gym but I lift bodyweight

how long have you been lifting? for 2 years with much breaks
what's your favorite exercise? I guess that must be the dips which I stopped doing because I can do much of them
what do you hope to achieve through lifting? I want to be physically fit for several sitations that might come in the future, also I don't want to get rusty and old.

I think sport is also important for the muscles because it charges the muscle in a different way. Not just single parts of the body be trainied and not really intensive, but more muscle groups will be aimed and slightly but constantly contracted.
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