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How to preview textures - the ultimate fool-proof guide
Hey there. As I have noticed a lot of problems with doing this over the last few weeks, this tutorial will explain the full process of successfully previewing a texture using the /lp command. I have written this so it is free of complicated computer terms and is written in a simple step-by-step format.

Step One

Design your texture in a program such as GIMP2 or photoshop. Make sure it fills both of the following catagories:
  • It is 128x128 pixels in size
  • It contains at least one coloured pixel

Step two

Save the texture in TGA (truevision targa) format, simply by saving it as [bodypart see below].tga (without the brackets) Make sure that RLE compression if off, by deselecting the RLE compression box.

The bodypart that your texture is called must relate to the part of the body you want the texture to appear on. This is the list of names:

l_biceps = left bicep texture
r_biceps = right bicep texture
l_triceps = left tricep texture
r_triceps = right tricep texture
l_hand = left hand texture
r_hand = right hand texture
l_foot = left foot texture
r_foot = right foot texture
l_pecs = left pec texture
r_pecs = right pec texture
l_thigh = left thigh texture
r_thigh = right thigh texture
l_leg = left leg texture
r_leg = right leg texture
chest = chest texture
breast = breast texture
groin = groin texture
head = head texture
stomach = stomach texture
ground = ground texture
dq = dq texture
trail_r_leg = right leg trail texture
trail_l_leg = left leg trail texture
trail_r_arm = right arm trail texture
trail_l_arm = left arm trail texture

For bumpmap textures, just add "_bump" on to the end of the name and save it seperately


After you have named your texture, DO NOT CLICK SAVE. Follow the step below first.

Step three

Before you can preview your texture, you must save it in your custom folder. To find the folder and do this, follow the steps below (the direction to find the folder applies to windows vista only. On other systems, use the search function. Just search for toribash 3.8, open the toribash 3.8 folder and follow the instructions from step 5):
  1. Go on "my computer"
  2. Select "local disc" (the c: drive)
  3. Open the folder named "games"
  4. Open the folder "toribash 3.8"
  5. Open the folder called "custom"
  6. Create a new folder called "preview" (you can call it anything, but this is easy to remember as you will use this name later)
  7. Save all your textures, with the right names (see above), in this new folder.

Step four

Open toribash, click on free play. Then type "/lp 0 preview [or whatever you called the new folder]"

After a few minutes, if not instantly, your textures should appear. If they do not, then read through the tutorial again to see if you have done anything wrong.

Note: Only you will be able to see these textures. You can /dl /lp in multiplayer but it will be invisible to other players.

I hope this tutorial has helped you, and thank you for reading!

Please post any comments/suggestions below.
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