so how do i apply the textures to that part once ive put the line of code there?
Save the picture files as whichever part you wish to preview into the folder. For example, if you want to preview a right thigh texture, save your picture as "r_thigh.tga".
Alright, I sent you the message, but none of mine ever go through, so I figured I'd post it here (Thank god I saved it, I'll just C/P):

I liked your guide on editing the item.dat a ton, but I found searching through the color codes annoying. So, I alphabetized and made a few improvements to
it. Improvements are:
Changed to Demo(lition) (In the shop it's listed as Demo)
Radioactive was misspelled, fixed.
Shaman was misspelled, fixed.

Well, I guees I may as well alphabetize that single number color assignment one, too.


~ [Fa]mily~
"You may have Downs, but you get me up." - Hucota7
You may want to add this in there.
You just explained that so i thought you may want to just use this link for it.
Also, might want to include a completely blank item.dat, in case people edit uke's, but then want him to go back to regular.
~ [Fa]mily~
"You may have Downs, but you get me up." - Hucota7
Wait, you recieved my PM? Seriously? I ahvn't had a PM go through in months. Thanks.
~ [Fa]mily~
"You may have Downs, but you get me up." - Hucota7