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sorry gram. i need to balance out my replays a bit. if you cnc more of this I'm sorry :P parkour on the ninja warrior map from 2013 apparently according to my memory.
ah yes the mod. i for some reason can't post the file, but i can post the link where i got it. its the first one

Wow, very nice
: P
thanks , bump
meh what ever i got enough response for that one
you don't have to do all of them just the ones you like
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M - Razzmataz Smoothies.rpl (399.6 KB, 19 views)
M - Peter Richardson.rpl (274.9 KB, 15 views)
M - Edgar And Freddy Are Gay.rpl (215.7 KB, 22 views)
Spanking And Entering.rpl (174.3 KB, 11 views)
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@Edgar and Freddy are gay

That first kick was dope af, however the follow up decap you could have been better, but from your positioning the transition was difficult either way. The rest i honestly didnt find very nice, but it was a difficult replay to execute. I would love to see you spend more time on that replay and make it look even better than what it currently is. But that just me. nice replay either way.
That's a lot of replays Z...
Anyways, gonna CnC that Razzmataz Smoothies thingy.

I've gotta say,...this replay was really dank. Except the opener, that shit was boring.
That spin before the split punch was quite neat. No complaints.
The split itself was nice n' smooth even though it didn't look as powerful.
Follow up kicks were amazing. Swift, precise, destructive, sexy as fuck.
Now...I would have ended the replay there if I were you. I'm not a fan of your movement after those 2 gorgeous kicks. Also,.. them crotch DMs were unnecessary in my opinion.
Overall pretty good replay. I honestly enjoyed it. Except the part after those 2 torso kick.
Cheers Z. <3
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