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Sparky's Decap Game

Hey Toribashers! In this thread you can find who I've decapped and who I have my eyes on! I will post mainly ABD decaps, but some others might be shared.

Don't post your own replays

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I'm on the list with Icky, Makes a tear come down my check :P
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Karstnator has been decapped. 22k DP too!
Chazx30 has been decapped.
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decap me my master i will rig it so you can go to jail lols add me to da list
Nice replay thread....but. u lil bich can't handle putting big game, like the Shank-Meister on the hunting list. MLG MLG MLG
Wanna see some ruffled feathers in Taekkyon

<Icky> Damn my mouth is on fire but my loins stir like the straits