A true hero is back Nice moves, you still get that fluidity

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

thanks mocu.

I did another spar. this time wwith chazer.
I had a few twitches here and there but
starting to feel the flow come back to me.
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S_Spar_Chazer.rpl (821.0 KB, 7 views)
Hey, got some replays I had alot of fun making. These arent the best spars, but im getting back into it.

Cant wait to come post another lineup of replays, tho.
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S_Spar_Adapt.rpl (712.9 KB, 6 views)
S_Spar_Umadbro121.rpl (615.5 KB, 4 views)
S_Spar_Umadbro121_2.rpl (655.2 KB, 4 views)
S_SparHakuv2.rpl (549.7 KB, 14 views)
you doing good mankeep it up the flow is inside you
Why would humans have arms when they do have legs?
Hey guys. I intend to keep this thread alive even
through being banned for some dumb reasons.
I made a replay with my old friend Aadame
today involving hand tossing and it was really fun.
we hope to do some more of these if and when he
has more time. Editted the last 40 frames. he ended
up pinging and we wanted some closure for our loss.
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