hampa got into a fight with someone in his college while playing a recorded basketball game, and he used the recorded noises

however he didnt use the audio clips when the guy got knocked out and started snoring
Cheshyre and Tapio Liukkonen are the ex-sound developers so they probably created the sound clips.
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Cheshyre and Tapio Liukkonen are the ex-sound developers so they probably created the sound clips.

Cheshyre is way too new to have been responsible for the Tori/Uke sounds. Might've been Liukkonen though.
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Can confirm I did not make the hit sounds/voice clips.

I'm aware Liukkonen created the hit sounds/blood sound fx but it's beyond my knowledge whether or not he produced the Tori/Uke fx.

However, I'd say it's reasonable to assume that he created the Tori/Uke sounds considering he worked on the other related sound (hit effects - blood fx), as is the nature of such projects usually.
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Who did the voice clips for the sounds of tori and uke?

I made some of the vocals like the "Bwaaah" ... "Ouaaaw", etc (pain3–pain8.wav ones). Also a few cough-noises and if memory serves correct, some bone crunch and gore sounds as well (not sure how many made it into the game).

Contacted Hampus back in ~2006 asking if I could do some sounds, since I found the game really unique and special (never got around to dive too deep in it though). He was cool with that and I felt pretty stoked creating sounds for a computer game! Not that I think they came out super professional by any stretch, haha. Nowaydays I guess it's something I can't resist bragging about for my three, now teenage sons, who weren't even born at the time

The vocals were influenced by an ancient game called IK+ or International Karate+, for the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 (the toys of my childhood). Probably, pain7.wav came closest in similarity.

That's about it. Long story about a tiny contribution in game audio history. Take care you all!


Sound example:

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